Terms of Use


These are my Terms of Use regarding the freebies I create for use in 2D and/or 3D graphics software such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Poser, Daz, etc. These freebies can be found here on my blog via a link to my ShareCG account, the KCTC-freebie site, or the freebie section of the stores where I am a vendor.

Do’s and Don’ts regarding freebies for 3D graphics software

You may use the content of the freebie for any personal or commercial use.
You may not distribute and/or sell it as a whole or parts of it.
Nor may you claim it as your own.

Do’s and Don’ts regarding freebies for 2D software such as tubes

You may not remove the © noted in the tube. If the compostion of your Artwork should affect the visibility of the copyright, it will suffice to add ‘tube©pommerlis’ to your Artwork. You may alter the tubes for the benefit of your Artwork – such as with blending, filters,…etc. – but you may not alter the tubes or create any deritives with the intend to share and/or sell these as “new” tubes, this includes saving the tubes to a white or colored background and/or offer them in a different format such as JPEG, GIF, PSD-layers,…etc.

Regarding my Artwork & Tags

You’re not allowed to use my Art without permission, nor are you allowed to tube my Artwork.

My tags may be saved to your own computer by “Right-Click and Save As…” with keeping in mind that for animated tags you need to save the tag as a GIF. Blank tags may be handled as yousee fit but leave the © on the tag. My tags are also available only at Simply Graphics for wich you need to have a Yuku account and where you need to be a member.

Having said all this, exceptions do prove the rule so when you have any questions regarding the TOU of my freebies, tubes, or Art, please mail me at; pommerlis@live.nl



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