Best Friends

I can not remember one day in my life without any kind of pet sharing our house. There were dogs, birds, rabbits, cats, fish……not all of them at the same time mind you.

The first pet I knew at the age of 6 was a dog, named Blackie. She was a mutt, mixed breed and obviously black. She joined our family at 6 weeks old, back in those days people weren’t so much aware what was good for a pup. In this day and age a pup doesn’t leave it’s mother untille 8-12 weeks old. But then, in the early seventies 6 weeks was the norm.


So there we were, a 6-year old girl and a 6-week old puppy. We grew up together and as I was convinced back then she would be with me forever. It was heartbreaking 15 years later, when I turned about 21, that we had to part. She passed away, old, grey and very ill.


These poses are dedicated to Blackie, my first very Best Friend.


These poses are created for the Hivewire BigDog & Diva.
Both available at Hivewire3D and the poses are allready being tested.





Here doggie-doggie….

In between re-decorating the house, a fresh paintjob and new wallpaper and some other jobs a cute little new friend walked into my runtime.
A very welcome and long anticipated dog from Hivewire3D was released and I have placed all my other projects on a waiting list just for this little critter.

Like all the other Hivewire animals I have created poses for this one also has an most easy mesh to pose. Very versatile and realistic in the base-release allready. More morphs are being created for the various amount of dogbreeds that there are. I’m not going to list them all here though.


For now I have my hands full with this dog wich is running wild around my runtime. Nobody bothered to train her when she was created so she has no manners. She just wants to eat, cuddle, play and sleep.


There are seperate morph-channels added for the ears. Aside the normal pose-channels there are 3 extra channels added for the flaps. Since they are morph-channels I’m adding these poses as an extra adition in their own folder. So far I have tested them and they seem to have no effect on the other morph-channels. I will have that tested more though because it will have to function properly of course.


For now I just want a leash……..
Come here doggie!

For the Hivewire Dog go to store page HERE


A chair, Fitness & Kids!

While waiting for the Hivewire dog to be released I’v started to clean up all my files stored on my PC and External Drive. I’m shocked after more then 10 years playing with this ‘hobby’ to find soooo much stuff I have for Poser & DazStudio. I’m not even half way cleaning them up yet and I also want to finish some poses. On top of that I’m longing to just create some Art, wich I haven’t done in a long time. Just to play and make images, that what got me started with this hobby in the first place.

I really want to get my hands on that new dog that is waiting in the pipeline, I have some great idea’s for poses and our Dachshund Noodles, is being a real inspiration for some poses. In the meanwhile there are other sets waiting to be finished. Small, sweet deal sets such as Dawn posing on a chair.


With the BeesKnees in mind and the roaring 20’s in the background, I have some poses in my head inspired by cabaret and jazz. I started this set to be a small set of poses for just Dawn and the Cabaret Chair. Both available at Hivewire3D.


I also started on another small set, well, maybe a bit larger but this one is still in it’s early experimental stage. Dawn & fitness. To be be more precise, Dawn & the Balance Ball. Don’t know yet where this is going though.

The larger set of poses I have in mind are for Diva for Dawn. Some Duo-poses and some single poses. A long time ago I decided to model an alphabet and create a whole set of poses around that for Kids4. I thought of letting those poses be the inspiration for a large set for Diva.


This is going to be a long-term project. Since there are 26 letters in the alphabet……o well…..keeps me busy.


In the meantime I’ll keep everyone up to date with some teasers.



A “To-Do list”

I’m a bit of a weird person when it comes to inspiration for poses. It’s sways between two extremes of no idea’s at all to a flood of inspiration of what I would like to create. And at the moment I’m having the latter, to many idea’s to handle. For a long time now I have a way of dealing with this.

I bought myself a notebook in wich I start every idea for a set of poses. I create folders in Poser – and lately DazStudio – for those sets. Every new idea, every new bit of inspiration gets started like that and after a bit I have a load of new, freshly created pose-sets loaded in my ‘workspace runtime’. I usually do that untill I have about 6-8 new sets to choose from, it’s for the moments that my brain blocks out my “muse” and I stare at a blank screen. It’s for the winter season of my creative soul, if I can’t come up with anything I open up that ‘workspace runtime’ and I see all these folders with beginning sets that I could finish up.

Like for instance this one for Poser, Father & Child poses for Dusk and Diva.


Or this one, a set of poses esspecially for Diva;


Then there is a set of poses for Dawn and some training equipment standing by;


But I have also started working in DazStudio. Yessss, DazStudio. I have decided to convert some of my duo-poses – that I have created for Dawn&Dusk – to Genesis3Female & Genesis3Male. Wich is not easy I may add! Genesis has a total different structure and movements of the body that come so easy for Dawn&Dusk, need a whole different approach for Genesis. But I will get it. So far I have started the Let’s Dance Ballroom up for Genesis3, the first pose is in the making.


As you peeps can see, I don not have to get bored this coming winter. And then there is a certain dog being created that I allready have my eyes on. Can’t wait to get my little paws on that one…..patience-patience-patience


In between leisure.

Summer is finally coming and sunny weather is coming. Sitting behind the computer in a stuffy office is the last thing on my mind so I’m working on creating my office somewhere in the garden of our recreational home. Some experimenting with solar energy, wireless internet, laptops and more of that sort. In the meantime work is limited to the hours at home, in between washing laundry, cleaning the house up, walking the dog etc. And there are at least 3 projects waiting to be finished. Two sets of poses and one set of textures.

I had two different sets of textures in mind for Clarette Rose for Dawn, a wonderfull dynamic dress. One based on the ArtDeco period and one based on summer with a flowery style. A friend on facebook generously gave permission to some of her photographs for the flowery set.




But then I realized I’d rather select the best of both and created one set. “The BeesKnees” for ClaretteRose Dress for Dawn. With 3 flowery textures, 4 black & white textures and 3 colored pattern textures.




I’m not going to post them all, I have to leave some to the imagination. One more then…….




Now that the dresses are finished I can start on the hat that come with the dress so that the outfit is complete. And maybe, who knows, I’ll throw in some textures for some shoes but I’m not sure about that. Since I also have two sets of poses to finish, in between my leisuretime.