A “To-Do list”

I’m a bit of a weird person when it comes to inspiration for poses. It’s sways between two extremes of no idea’s at all to a flood of inspiration of what I would like to create. And at the moment I’m having the latter, to many idea’s to handle. For a long time now I have a way of dealing with this.

I bought myself a notebook in wich I start every idea for a set of poses. I create folders in Poser – and lately DazStudio – for those sets. Every new idea, every new bit of inspiration gets started like that and after a bit I have a load of new, freshly created pose-sets loaded in my ‘workspace runtime’. I usually do that untill I have about 6-8 new sets to choose from, it’s for the moments that my brain blocks out my “muse” and I stare at a blank screen. It’s for the winter season of my creative soul, if I can’t come up with anything I open up that ‘workspace runtime’ and I see all these folders with beginning sets that I could finish up.

Like for instance this one for Poser, Father & Child poses for Dusk and Diva.


Or this one, a set of poses esspecially for Diva;


Then there is a set of poses for Dawn and some training equipment standing by;


But I have also started working in DazStudio. Yessss, DazStudio. I have decided to convert some of my duo-poses – that I have created for Dawn&Dusk – to Genesis3Female & Genesis3Male. Wich is not easy I may add! Genesis has a total different structure and movements of the body that come so easy for Dawn&Dusk, need a whole different approach for Genesis. But I will get it. So far I have started the Let’s Dance Ballroom up for Genesis3, the first pose is in the making.


As you peeps can see, I don not have to get bored this coming winter. And then there is a certain dog being created that I allready have my eyes on. Can’t wait to get my little paws on that one…..patience-patience-patience



Jungle Love for Dawn & Dusk

Now that the birthday celebrations are over it’s time for something new!

Released in my store at Hivewire as of today. JungleLove poses for Dawn&Dusk. Swinging from vine to vine, saving the damsel in distress or trying to win her affection…it’s all there in this set of detailed poses for Dawn & Dusk as they build their home in the jungle.  For Poser only.

What’s Included & Features;

Poses (.pz2)

  • 1 Default pose for Dusk
  • 1 Default pose for Dawn
  • 10 Corresponding poses each for Dusk & Dawn
  • 12 Hand Poses for Dawn
  • 12 Hand Poses for Dusk



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Pommies Boutique Vol.4

These are 6 textures esspecially for the sweater that is part of Sanbie’s Texture Challenge, Dusk Casuals.
You can find the link to the free available set made by Sanbie in the ReadMe.



The set can be downloaded from my ShareCG account.
You can visit my ShareCG Gallery HERE


Playing with sweaters

During the holidays, in and between the dinners, TV-shows, games and such, there are some quiet hours to fill with my own kind of fun, my 3D art. Creating some images and practising my texturing skills. I wanted to create something for Dusk, the poor poser-guys are being neglected enough as it is in this female-dominated 3D computer graphic world.

Like with my poses I prefer to create the everyday world, what we would recognize ourselves. There are enough elves, trolls and temple-priestesses out there dressed in miniature outfits slaying dragons, teaming up with guys who are overloaded on testosteron and steroïds to do battle against armies of trolls.
So I took one of Sanbie’s Texture challenges, Dusk Casuals and started to practise on the sweater. And since I’m into “argyle” lately I figured “Why not?”


There will be 6 textures for the sweater to start with, I don’t know if I’ll make any textures for the pants. But who knows……
I’ll get these finished first, I’ll let you know when they get uploaded to my ShareCG.