In between leisure.

Summer is finally coming and sunny weather is coming. Sitting behind the computer in a stuffy office is the last thing on my mind so I’m working on creating my office somewhere in the garden of our recreational home. Some experimenting with solar energy, wireless internet, laptops and more of that sort. In the meantime work is limited to the hours at home, in between washing laundry, cleaning the house up, walking the dog etc. And there are at least 3 projects waiting to be finished. Two sets of poses and one set of textures.

I had two different sets of textures in mind for Clarette Rose for Dawn, a wonderfull dynamic dress. One based on the ArtDeco period and one based on summer with a flowery style. A friend on facebook generously gave permission to some of her photographs for the flowery set.




But then I realized I’d rather select the best of both and created one set. “The BeesKnees” for ClaretteRose Dress for Dawn. With 3 flowery textures, 4 black & white textures and 3 colored pattern textures.




I’m not going to post them all, I have to leave some to the imagination. One more then…….




Now that the dresses are finished I can start on the hat that come with the dress so that the outfit is complete. And maybe, who knows, I’ll throw in some textures for some shoes but I’m not sure about that. Since I also have two sets of poses to finish, in between my leisuretime.


Jungle Love for Dawn & Dusk

Now that the birthday celebrations are over it’s time for something new!

Released in my store at Hivewire as of today. JungleLove poses for Dawn&Dusk. Swinging from vine to vine, saving the damsel in distress or trying to win her affection…it’s all there in this set of detailed poses for Dawn & Dusk as they build their home in the jungle.  For Poser only.

What’s Included & Features;

Poses (.pz2)

  • 1 Default pose for Dusk
  • 1 Default pose for Dawn
  • 10 Corresponding poses each for Dusk & Dawn
  • 12 Hand Poses for Dawn
  • 12 Hand Poses for Dusk



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Pommies Boutique Vol.3

At the moment I’m enjoying my comfortable home, warm with the soothing atmosphere of candlelight and the sparkling decorations of christmas.

It’s the season of sharing so a little something from me that can be used to compliment my commercial set but also downloaded and used just as a set on it’s own. You do need to have the Nymph Suit for Dawn though!

Steppin’ into Xmas for Nymph Suit can be downloaded from my sharCG account.


The set can be downloaded from my ShareCG account.
You can visit my ShareCG Gallery HERE


Steppin’ Out for Nymph Suit

Argyle is the latest trend! And this is a set of playfull Argyle textures for the Nymph Suit for Dawn. Dressed in bright colors or pastels, Dawn will love this set of playful argyle textures! Lully’s Dynamics 12 for Dawn – Nymph Suit is required for these textures.

This set will be availabe at Hivewire only! Go and have a look!


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