In between leisure.

Summer is finally coming and sunny weather is coming. Sitting behind the computer in a stuffy office is the last thing on my mind so I’m working on creating my office somewhere in the garden of our recreational home. Some experimenting with solar energy, wireless internet, laptops and more of that sort. In the meantime work is limited to the hours at home, in between washing laundry, cleaning the house up, walking the dog etc. And there are at least 3 projects waiting to be finished. Two sets of poses and one set of textures.

I had two different sets of textures in mind for Clarette Rose for Dawn, a wonderfull dynamic dress. One based on the ArtDeco period and one based on summer with a flowery style. A friend on facebook generously gave permission to some of her photographs for the flowery set.




But then I realized I’d rather select the best of both and created one set. “The BeesKnees” for ClaretteRose Dress for Dawn. With 3 flowery textures, 4 black & white textures and 3 colored pattern textures.




I’m not going to post them all, I have to leave some to the imagination. One more then…….




Now that the dresses are finished I can start on the hat that come with the dress so that the outfit is complete. And maybe, who knows, I’ll throw in some textures for some shoes but I’m not sure about that. Since I also have two sets of poses to finish, in between my leisuretime.


Pommies Boutique Vol.6

Colors for Parfait Outfit

These are textures for the Gumdrop Parfait Outfit. I decided to re-vamp some older freebies for Parfait by combining two sets and create some new textures. The textures are in mc6-format.
The textures were created for use in Poser and haven’t been tested in DazStudio. Included are 4 texture-sets fro the Dress, Shoes, Panties & Hair with Buns. Also 4 textures were created that apply to the hairbuns only.

You will need Gumdrop & Parfait Outfit for Gumdrop in order to use these textures. Both are still available at Daz3D.


The set can be downloaded from my ShareCG account.
You can visit my ShareCG Gallery HERE

Pommies Boutique Vol.4

These are 6 textures esspecially for the sweater that is part of Sanbie’s Texture Challenge, Dusk Casuals.
You can find the link to the free available set made by Sanbie in the ReadMe.



The set can be downloaded from my ShareCG account.
You can visit my ShareCG Gallery HERE


Playing with sweaters

During the holidays, in and between the dinners, TV-shows, games and such, there are some quiet hours to fill with my own kind of fun, my 3D art. Creating some images and practising my texturing skills. I wanted to create something for Dusk, the poor poser-guys are being neglected enough as it is in this female-dominated 3D computer graphic world.

Like with my poses I prefer to create the everyday world, what we would recognize ourselves. There are enough elves, trolls and temple-priestesses out there dressed in miniature outfits slaying dragons, teaming up with guys who are overloaded on testosteron and steroïds to do battle against armies of trolls.
So I took one of Sanbie’s Texture challenges, Dusk Casuals and started to practise on the sweater. And since I’m into “argyle” lately I figured “Why not?”


There will be 6 textures for the sweater to start with, I don’t know if I’ll make any textures for the pants. But who knows……
I’ll get these finished first, I’ll let you know when they get uploaded to my ShareCG.