Cookie’s Family -Vol. 1-

Cookie’s Family is a set of daily life duo-poses created especially for Chip, Cookie & LilBit. Each pose was created to be as realistic and detailed as possible.

The set contains:

  • 2x One default Pose for Cookie
  • 2x One default Pose for Chip
  • 3x One default Pose for LilBit
  • 4   Duo-poses for Cookie & LilBit
  • 2   Duo-poses for Chip & LilBit
  • Bonus pose for Cookie, Chip & LilBit

More info on the poses, what you need for them and how to use them please visit the store.


This item is no longer available.



Pas de Deux for Cookie & Chip

This is one of my freebies that is available at the KCTC-Freebie site only.

Go to KCTC-Freebies, take the left colom to scroll down untill you find the section for Cookie & Chip. Then go to page 11 where you will find the set.


These poses were inspired by Pas de Deux for Victoria4 & Michael4.