Cute Moves for BabyLuna

Released in my store at Hivewire as of today. Cute Moves for BabyLuna. Inspired by a group of playful Cherubs, this is a set of poses for Baby Luna to allow you to create your own little angels, pixies and other magical creatures. But it’s also for daily life and children at play. For Poser only.

What’s Included & Features

  • Poses (.pz2)
    • 10 Poses for Baby Luna and their mirrored versions
    • Default for Baby Luna
    • 5 Partial poses for the legs and their mirrored versions
    • Default for Baby Luna Legs
    • 5 Partial poses for the body and their mirror versions
    • Default for Baby Luna Body
    • Bonus of 6 more poses that are fixed and will create 6 little children sitting next to each other (Go and have a look in my store)
      • Instructions included for use


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Cherubs, cherubs……

When I create poses I do my best work early in the morning. Since I drive  my wife to her job I have the “world” to myself at least on four occasions in the week. Two days when she starts her early shift and two days when she finishes her nightshift. Four days when I’m up at 5 AM allready, four days when I start my PC up at 6 AM.

The world is pretty silent that time of day, esspecially now in the wintertime and more esspecially now when it’s freezing cold outside. So that’s when all is silent and I turn on my BBC-breakfast news programm, just to have a little babbling noise in the background.
And so I finished the first 3 cherubs this morning.


I usually take a photograph as reference for poses that I make. Esspecially when I create duo-poses. This time I couldn’t resist when I found an image of this cherub figurine on the web, to re-create these poses for Baby Luna.
All six poses will be saved as individual poses with their mirrored version aswell but that’s not what I want to show here. Because I am storing these also as 6 fixed poses, with the most left little Cherub as the “master” to wich the others must be parented to.


The thing is, of course, re-creating the poses exactly as in the photograph is not possible. I will encounter problems that need my improvising skills. After all, I’m working with computer meshes and the image shows a porcelain figurine. Since my poses are created finished for a 360° view round the character I have to improvise on those elements that are not visable in the photograph or that are simple not going to be possible with a mesh.


And there is where I add my personal touches, what “flows” naturally for a body?! What “flows” naturally for that particular character?!

So, six little sitting cherubs in a combined pose, is that a Bonus?!


This little figurine


Slowly but surely I create my poses for Baby Luna and in my quest for inspiration I can not ignore the many images I find of cherubs. Baby like Angels that flutter about, someetimes being good and sometimes a bit misschievous. And then I find a photograph of a little figurine. Five little cherubs sitting on a heavenly fence and this idea pops in my head.

An idea for some bonus poses,…….but I’m not giving away anything yet!

Luna Moves

New year, new projects. And one of the projects I started on is a set of poses esspecially for Baby Luna. This time not a set that specifically for toddlers but a more general set.


With the new Morph set being out – Headshapes for Luna – I figured I’d create poses that would be more suitable for all sorts of beings, not just for the human child. In this world of computer graphics there are plenty of gnomes, elves, fairies and all sorts of other fantasy creatures walking around. The pixies squat on shrooms and watch your every move, fairies hide in the shrubbery and gaze at the purple moon wich appears only ones in a thousand years.


So today I have started on these special poses for Luna, poses that have a more adult viewpoint. They shouldn’t be regarded as poses for a child. But poses for a basic childlike creature. Maybe from a enchanted forest ora far away planet. I did decide to use some older poses that I created for Kids4 as a starting point. Maybe I’ll be able to convert some, who knows.


Back to posing

I can’t leave well enough alone. I know I have been working, practising on textures but this idea has been nagging in my head for weeks now. And I know it’s going to be a big pain in the you-know-where.
I have made poses for Dawn, for Dusk, for Dawn & Dusk. Even some duo-poses for Dawn & BabyLuna and Dusk & BabyLuna but I have been postponing,….well actually it’s more procrastinating creating a set of poses esspecially for BabyLuna. Don’t know why really…..


She looks like any average toddler and I have created poses for the Gen4 kids, wich were a handfull to get realistic enough. Luna is much like her parents, far more easy to pose like us humans would move around.
Maybe it’s because creating poses is all I have been doing lately and I need a break. Something new to tease my brain with?!

And still, in the back of my mind, everytime I try to work on my textures, freebies or even contemplate creating Art this little child pops up. In litWireframe, asking me “Please Pom?” She starts to move around, walk, jump and run even as if she’s saying “See! I can do this to! So come on! I want my own set aswell!”
And though it’s suppose to be the project I start with in the new year guess what her nagging me has done?! Right, pose number 1 has been created allready…..*sigh*……