Best Friends

I can not remember one day in my life without any kind of pet sharing our house. There were dogs, birds, rabbits, cats, fish……not all of them at the same time mind you.

The first pet I knew at the age of 6 was a dog, named Blackie. She was a mutt, mixed breed and obviously black. She joined our family at 6 weeks old, back in those days people weren’t so much aware what was good for a pup. In this day and age a pup doesn’t leave it’s mother untille 8-12 weeks old. But then, in the early seventies 6 weeks was the norm.


So there we were, a 6-year old girl and a 6-week old puppy. We grew up together and as I was convinced back then she would be with me forever. It was heartbreaking 15 years later, when I turned about 21, that we had to part. She passed away, old, grey and very ill.


These poses are dedicated to Blackie, my first very Best Friend.


These poses are created for the Hivewire BigDog & Diva.
Both available at Hivewire3D and the poses are allready being tested.





Dog Strut poses

Man’s best friend, loyal, playfull but still a hunter. The dog has been a companion for humans for so long, it’s hard to imagine life without them. My new set of poses are created esspecially for the Hivewire BigDog Base character and it’s a great set of poses to get you started.

Included are;

  • 1 Default pose for the Hivewire BigDog
  • 1 Default pose for the Tail
  • 1 Default pose for the Ears
  • 15 Fullbody Poses
  • 14 Partial Ear Poses
  • 14 Partial Tail Poses


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Here doggie-doggie….

In between re-decorating the house, a fresh paintjob and new wallpaper and some other jobs a cute little new friend walked into my runtime.
A very welcome and long anticipated dog from Hivewire3D was released and I have placed all my other projects on a waiting list just for this little critter.

Like all the other Hivewire animals I have created poses for this one also has an most easy mesh to pose. Very versatile and realistic in the base-release allready. More morphs are being created for the various amount of dogbreeds that there are. I’m not going to list them all here though.


For now I have my hands full with this dog wich is running wild around my runtime. Nobody bothered to train her when she was created so she has no manners. She just wants to eat, cuddle, play and sleep.


There are seperate morph-channels added for the ears. Aside the normal pose-channels there are 3 extra channels added for the flaps. Since they are morph-channels I’m adding these poses as an extra adition in their own folder. So far I have tested them and they seem to have no effect on the other morph-channels. I will have that tested more though because it will have to function properly of course.


For now I just want a leash……..
Come here doggie!

For the Hivewire Dog go to store page HERE


Little PuddyTat poses for HWKitten

Let your HiveWire Kitten discover the world with curiosity and full of mischief. This set of poses will have the little kitten running around and playing in your runtime and who knows,….getting in all sorts of trouble!

The poses are esspecially created for the HiveWire Kitten and they require the HiveWire Housecat & HiveWire Kitten in order to work. They haven’t been tested on the Housecat but maybe with some tweaking they could be used on the adult version aswell.

The poses are compatible with Poser & Daz Studio

What is included;

1 Default pose for the HiveWire Kitten
1 Default pose for the Tail

13 FullBody Poses for the HiveWire Kitten
2 Duoposes for the HiveWire Kitten



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Little PuddyTat

It’s been a very busy time these past few weeks. First we had this election-thingy, wich is still continuing untill the men in suits form a coalition nobody voted for and the 4-year nagging period can begin.
Then my spouse turned 50 and we celebrated that. No big presents because last year I turned 50. We decided to buy a caravan then, sort of for both our 50th birthday and christmas in between. With the nice spring-weather we’ve been spending time up there. Season starts on the 1th of April so everything has to be spotless.

I did spend some time in my world of wireframe though. I have finished the set for the HiveWire Kitten in Poser so now I’m tweaking & saving them in DazStudio.


The ear scratching was a challenging pose to finish and I couldn’t quite get it exactly like the photo-reference I was using. The pole-scratching is the last in the set that I finished.


And then there is this.
The promise of something in the future, a sequel to what I have created a while back. Little children do grow up fast don’t they?!