Kittens and a challenge

From BigCat to HouseCat and ending with the Kitten…..
That seems logical and the little “Puddy Tats” are just as difficult as the larger cats. Thing to catch within the poses is their playfullness, their innocent and misschievous behaviour. Their endearing courage towards life.

There are certain poses I created for the HouseCat that I can convert to the Kitten and there are poses where I will do that, with some minor details changed. Like the one below, it’s created for the adult HouseCat and this is the adaptation for the Kitten.


Most poses will be created from scratch because kittens behave differently from their adult counterpart even though they will try to imitate the adult cats in certain ways. Like hissing….


But learning to control the refined and intricate body-communication between felines starts with the tail, that evil, evil tail that always seems to have a mind of it’s own.


One different element within this set will be some duo-poses. They are horrendous to create. I’ve been picky with duo-poses for humans regarding the arms, hands and fingers. This is a whole new universe with four paws and a tail on each individual animal so those will take a bit longer.


But they are worth it.


PuddyTat Poses for HiveWire House Cat

You can see them lurking about in the bushes, balancing on garden fences, stalking and hunting an innocent bird but they are also majestic in their walk, cuddly and starry eyed when they tempt you to forgive their misschief. They rule the house and they are in.
PuddyTat Poses for the HiveWire House Cat.

The Poses are created for Poser 10+ and compatible with DazStudio 4.8

What is included;

1 Default pose for the HiveWire House Cat
18 FullBody Poses for the HiveWire House Cat

As a little Bonus there are some partial Tailposes
1 Default pose for the Tail for a Standing Cat
1 Default pose for the Tail for a Sitting Cat
2 Partial Tailposes & their mirrored versions


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Destraction & Snow

Cats are not the easiest animals to create poses for, I discovered that when I was working on the Hivewire BigCat. My thought that a housecat would be the same just a bit smaller, was not quite accurate.
Allthough they are similar in lots of ways, there are also very big differences between wild BigCats and our smaller Housecats.
One thing they do have in common is their independant mind. Trying to create – as life-like as possible – poses for them is not easy.


Most of the time when I work at poses that are becoming tricky, I start a “side-project”.  A second set, sometimes even a third set, of poses to work on. It helps me get my mind of what my main project is. Then, after a day or so, I get back to what I’m actually working on and things suddenly become much clearer to me. That elbow, that ankle or those fingers suddenly pose much easier and the poses get finished quicker that way.
The hunting poses for the Hivewire Housecat are no execption to that.
They were a handfull so I needed a break.


There is my second project. Some cute simple duo-poses for Diva, a character for Hivewire Dawn. Mind you, this is the first set-up of the first pose. And there is this third project, for DazStudio only, but that is another post alltogether.



It’s a puddy tat!

It’s not such a big leap from a BigCat to their smaller cousins who live among us. The HiveWire Housecat is very easy to pose I must say, but like all cats, they do have a mind of their own.


I started of with some simple poses of Kitty walking and standing. As usual I use photographs of cats as a reference. It’s not always possible to achieve the exact same pose as on the photo so then I have to improvise a bit.


Cats are extremely flexible in real life, a computer mesh can never completely imitate that. But it can come close. Like, there is the ‘buttwiggle’,….people who are devoted staff to their cats will know what I mean with that.
I’m trying to capture it as detailed as possible but for now I’ll leave this one be. You see, there is always that one particular pose that just won’t give over, that defies me. Usually it will take me the whole time that I work on a set before it’s finished. So for this one I will look for some more, clearer photographs of the ‘buttwiggle’ to use as reference before I’ll continue with that one.


I will leave you with what cats know better then most four legged pets…..balance….




Feline Grace for Hivewire BigCat

Lurking in the bushes, silently crouching down from a rock, she moves towards her prey. She knows she has to catch something to eat for her young ones.
With a sudden leap, she launches her attack…..
There is no predator who moves as gracefully as she does.

Feline Grace is a set of poses that capture the essence of the Big Cats and their mysterious elegance. Released in my store at Hivewire3D.

What’s Included & Features;

Poses (.pz2)

  • 1 Default pose for the HiveWire BigCat
  • 1 Default pose for the Tail
  • FullBody Poses;
    • Crouching01
    • Jump01
    • Jump02
    • Jump03
    • Jump04
    • Leaping01
    • Leaping02
    • Lying01
    • Running01
    • Running02
  • Tail Only Poses;
    • Tail01
    • Tail02
    • Tail03
    • Tail04
    • Tail05
    • Tail06
    • Tail07
    • Tail08
    • Tail09
    • Tail10

BONUS Animated Poses for use in Poser Only (.pz2)

  • 1 Animated Jumping pose cycle 60 frames
  • 1 Animated Jumping pose cycle 90 frames




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