Back to work

Holiday is over and it’s time to go back to the order of the day. I’ve uploaded the BeesKnees for approval and as soon as they are out in the store I will post a message.
Meanwhile I’m playing around with some other textures. For BabyLuna, a cap for the HiveWire Baby.  At the moment I’m playing around with various Bump Maps and settings for the Cap while I figure out what kind of pose-set I want to create next.

Don’t know wich one I prefer yet, I might decide to create a whole new one.



These two have my preference regarding the border, the bas of the cap I’m not so sure of.

I know that I have stored some of my freebies on ShareCG with the intention of creating and storing all my freebies there. But the “commercial” direction they are taking with also selling items it starts to become a bit confusing. I have no problem with items being sold there, it’s just that I think it’s getting confusing. I will maintain the ShareCG account for now untill I have figured out how I wish to organize my freebies in the future.

So in the meanwhile I have added a facebook group to my facebook page. This group is mainly to have a more direct communication with my customer base and to add some exclusive freebies. Please click the image to visit the group, you need a facebook account for that.




In between leisure.

Summer is finally coming and sunny weather is coming. Sitting behind the computer in a stuffy office is the last thing on my mind so I’m working on creating my office somewhere in the garden of our recreational home. Some experimenting with solar energy, wireless internet, laptops and more of that sort. In the meantime work is limited to the hours at home, in between washing laundry, cleaning the house up, walking the dog etc. And there are at least 3 projects waiting to be finished. Two sets of poses and one set of textures.

I had two different sets of textures in mind for Clarette Rose for Dawn, a wonderfull dynamic dress. One based on the ArtDeco period and one based on summer with a flowery style. A friend on facebook generously gave permission to some of her photographs for the flowery set.




But then I realized I’d rather select the best of both and created one set. “The BeesKnees” for ClaretteRose Dress for Dawn. With 3 flowery textures, 4 black & white textures and 3 colored pattern textures.




I’m not going to post them all, I have to leave some to the imagination. One more then…….




Now that the dresses are finished I can start on the hat that come with the dress so that the outfit is complete. And maybe, who knows, I’ll throw in some textures for some shoes but I’m not sure about that. Since I also have two sets of poses to finish, in between my leisuretime.


Little PuddyTat poses for HWKitten

Let your HiveWire Kitten discover the world with curiosity and full of mischief. This set of poses will have the little kitten running around and playing in your runtime and who knows,….getting in all sorts of trouble!

The poses are esspecially created for the HiveWire Kitten and they require the HiveWire Housecat & HiveWire Kitten in order to work. They haven’t been tested on the Housecat but maybe with some tweaking they could be used on the adult version aswell.

The poses are compatible with Poser & Daz Studio

What is included;

1 Default pose for the HiveWire Kitten
1 Default pose for the Tail

13 FullBody Poses for the HiveWire Kitten
2 Duoposes for the HiveWire Kitten



Visit my Store at HiveWire3D HERE

Little PuddyTat

It’s been a very busy time these past few weeks. First we had this election-thingy, wich is still continuing untill the men in suits form a coalition nobody voted for and the 4-year nagging period can begin.
Then my spouse turned 50 and we celebrated that. No big presents because last year I turned 50. We decided to buy a caravan then, sort of for both our 50th birthday and christmas in between. With the nice spring-weather we’ve been spending time up there. Season starts on the 1th of April so everything has to be spotless.

I did spend some time in my world of wireframe though. I have finished the set for the HiveWire Kitten in Poser so now I’m tweaking & saving them in DazStudio.


The ear scratching was a challenging pose to finish and I couldn’t quite get it exactly like the photo-reference I was using. The pole-scratching is the last in the set that I finished.


And then there is this.
The promise of something in the future, a sequel to what I have created a while back. Little children do grow up fast don’t they?!



Pommies Boutique Vol.6

Colors for Parfait Outfit

These are textures for the Gumdrop Parfait Outfit. I decided to re-vamp some older freebies for Parfait by combining two sets and create some new textures. The textures are in mc6-format.
The textures were created for use in Poser and haven’t been tested in DazStudio. Included are 4 texture-sets fro the Dress, Shoes, Panties & Hair with Buns. Also 4 textures were created that apply to the hairbuns only.

You will need Gumdrop & Parfait Outfit for Gumdrop in order to use these textures. Both are still available at Daz3D.


The set can be downloaded from my ShareCG account.
You can visit my ShareCG Gallery HERE