I was born in 1966 – so you do the math – in a small village called Goirle, somewhere in Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands. So that makes me a Dutchie. I live together with my soulmate, wife and best friend and we’re still goin strong. I believe “love” to be a verb and you need it to “create” you’re own happiness. Learning to be satisfied with what life throws at you is a big part of that and of course a enormous sense of humor. You need to be able to laugh at life in order to survive it…….

I was around when the first PC’s were build, humongous things and the beauty of being my generation is, slowly but surely watching technology progress. I can remember being a teenager and debating in a group whether the Star Trek-Technology would ever be possible in real life. Well,……we’re certainly heading there and I’m enjoying some of it myself.
Since I was horrible at drawing, painting and sculpting, a career in “Art” wasn’t even remotely on my mind. Untill a good friend of mine introduced me to Paint Shop Pro. Paint Shop Pro 9 it was, included Animation Shop……and I still use it to this day. I started out just making little pictures with tubes and effects and then I bumped into these “Poser-Tubes” and it wasn’t long after that I discovered “Poser” that I got hooked. For the first time I could actually make an image, in 3 dimensions no less, that looked pretty good.
Mind you, it sounds as if I just started this yesterday but learning 3D requires patience and time.This is my hobby ince I uploaded my first image in 2006.
I was pleased making images and I learned how to create my own content, initially for free. Thanks to a good online friend – and her fearie bearies – I improved and she encouraged me to become a vendor. Apparently I have a talent for creating poses and without France I would have never pursued – or even contemplated on being a vendor.
Come to think of it, if anyone would have told me 20 years ago that I would be working with computers at all, I would have laughed at them since I was an utter and complete computer illiterate. And yet, here I am, blogging away on the internet, having a custom build PC, creating digital art and selling my own sets of poses for use in Poser.
Feel free to explore my blog, read my TOU and if you have any questions or requests, do contact me.
Even if it’s just to show what you made with one of my products or freebies.
If there is anything that thrills a content creator to bits, it’s showing them what you made with their items. Believe me, ask any of us, we love to see what you can do with our stuff.



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