It’s a puddy tat!

It’s not such a big leap from a BigCat to their smaller cousins who live among us. The HiveWire Housecat is very easy to pose I must say, but like all cats, they do have a mind of their own.


I started of with some simple poses of Kitty walking and standing. As usual I use photographs of cats as a reference. It’s not always possible to achieve the exact same pose as on the photo so then I have to improvise a bit.


Cats are extremely flexible in real life, a computer mesh can never completely imitate that. But it can come close. Like, there is the ‘buttwiggle’,….people who are devoted staff to their cats will know what I mean with that.
I’m trying to capture it as detailed as possible but for now I’ll leave this one be. You see, there is always that one particular pose that just won’t give over, that defies me. Usually it will take me the whole time that I work on a set before it’s finished. So for this one I will look for some more, clearer photographs of the ‘buttwiggle’ to use as reference before I’ll continue with that one.


I will leave you with what cats know better then most four legged pets…..balance….





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