Leaving YurDigital

Since I started working with Dawn – and later Dusk – at HiveWire3D I haven’t spend any time creating new products for YurDigital. It was a couple of weeks ago I noticed that more then a year had passed by without creating anything for YurDigital and I’m ashamed to say that it had totally slipped my mind.
I had been occupied with new characters, Dawn, Dusk,….BabyLuna and lately some wildlife came my way. First the Gorilla and now my poses for the HiveWire BigCat.

I started thinking, if one store keeps me occupied so much it wouldn’t be fair on the other wasting their server space and time. So after some deliberation I have decided to leave YurDigital and close my store there. For me personally it’s better that way.
I took some of my older work with me and I left some in the capable hands of YurDigital’s CEO. I don’t know if my older poses will be back in store at HiveWire, it could very wel be that they won’t be available anymore but I will let you guys know.

I wish to thank Clint and everyone at YurDigital for their time and patience. You guys rock!



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