It moves slowly…..

Creating poses for animals is a whole new kind of process for me. Most of the time it’s a fuzz for me in posing the hands ‘just right’ but now I’m dealing with tails and four legs instead of two. The Gorilla turned out to be easy, well, easy…..a bit like human characters but Cats are different.Four legs and a mind of their own.


As always I’m using a reference point from wich I create the pose, like for instance a Big Cat jumping of a rock. For that I obviously use a rock to start posing from. I’m thinking of placing the finished poses on the ground but I’m not to sure about that yet. I’m starting to think it might be better to leave them where they are.


For these poses I have taken a serie of photographs of a panther jumping from one cliff to the other. I wanted to create a serie that could be used by animators, a sequel of poses that would make it easier.


I’m still working on number four. I’ve tried to create an animation myself, I’m not very good at it. I’m not happy with the set-off but it’s not that bad for a first attempt.

HWBigCatAnimationTest02 from Josje van Berkel on Vimeo.




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