Monkey do…..

Creating poses for a gorilla is becoming more of a challenge then I first thought it would be. I have never created poses for any animal and this is a first.
Like with human 3D figures I like to use real life images as a reference for the poses. That way I can create them as life-like as possible. And even though we are distant relatives, gorilla’s do tend to do different things.


When watching the big Silverback males I discovered that they don’t do much else but laying around, hanging around, picking themselves and trying to impress others with their incredible strength.


For this particular gorilla I have to use the males but I am hoping for a female morph for Dawn and a baby morph for BabyLuna. In creating these poses I have watched many YouTube clips with adorable baby-gorilla’s and loving parenting mother gorilla’s, inspiring me with lots of idea’s for poses.


For now I have to keep myself entertained with this mighty male.
The set will included the mirrored version of every pose and several partial poses, Top-, and Legposes. That will make creating your own pose for a particular image a little easier. A couple more to go and then I can start preparing the set for the testers.



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