That time……part 1

Anybody who reads this blog and has clicked on the tab “About”, probably noticed my year of birth. It’s 1966 for those who haven’t read it. And everybody who can do a bit of math can figure out how old I’m getting this year.
Now, back where I’m from there are some weird traditions around someone’s 50th birthday. Something with a huge doll representing an elderly person in your frontyard wich is called a “Sarah” or an “Abraham”, then there is a thing with mustard and a photograph of yourself on your most emberrassing night out being printed and posted all over town.
Since I’m the first one turning 50 in our little circle of relatives and I have threatened everyone with the same stunts they pull on me, only a thousandfold worse when it’s their turn. They were not really impressed though.

Fifty is what they consider a milestone and all I did was keep breathing but it’s worth a celebration so I’m kicking off with the first Sale starting in my store at YurDigital.

Starting at 15th of April all the way ’till 15th of May!
You get 50% off at Kidzzz ABC poses, Let’s Dance Ballroom and Pas de Deux for V4 and M4!
Plus when you buy DailyLife Fathers you get the Daily Life Mothers for free!

So go check it out! Starting at 15th of April!


Visit my Store at YurDigital HERE


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