Cherubs, cherubs……

When I create poses I do my best work early in the morning. Since I drive  my wife to her job I have the “world” to myself at least on four occasions in the week. Two days when she starts her early shift and two days when she finishes her nightshift. Four days when I’m up at 5 AM allready, four days when I start my PC up at 6 AM.

The world is pretty silent that time of day, esspecially now in the wintertime and more esspecially now when it’s freezing cold outside. So that’s when all is silent and I turn on my BBC-breakfast news programm, just to have a little babbling noise in the background.
And so I finished the first 3 cherubs this morning.


I usually take a photograph as reference for poses that I make. Esspecially when I create duo-poses. This time I couldn’t resist when I found an image of this cherub figurine on the web, to re-create these poses for Baby Luna.
All six poses will be saved as individual poses with their mirrored version aswell but that’s not what I want to show here. Because I am storing these also as 6 fixed poses, with the most left little Cherub as the “master” to wich the others must be parented to.


The thing is, of course, re-creating the poses exactly as in the photograph is not possible. I will encounter problems that need my improvising skills. After all, I’m working with computer meshes and the image shows a porcelain figurine. Since my poses are created finished for a 360° view round the character I have to improvise on those elements that are not visable in the photograph or that are simple not going to be possible with a mesh.


And there is where I add my personal touches, what “flows” naturally for a body?! What “flows” naturally for that particular character?!

So, six little sitting cherubs in a combined pose, is that a Bonus?!



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