Luna Moves

New year, new projects. And one of the projects I started on is a set of poses esspecially for Baby Luna. This time not a set that specifically for toddlers but a more general set.


With the new Morph set being out – Headshapes for Luna – I figured I’d create poses that would be more suitable for all sorts of beings, not just for the human child. In this world of computer graphics there are plenty of gnomes, elves, fairies and all sorts of other fantasy creatures walking around. The pixies squat on shrooms and watch your every move, fairies hide in the shrubbery and gaze at the purple moon wich appears only ones in a thousand years.


So today I have started on these special poses for Luna, poses that have a more adult viewpoint. They shouldn’t be regarded as poses for a child. But poses for a basic childlike creature. Maybe from a enchanted forest ora far away planet. I did decide to use some older poses that I created for Kids4 as a starting point. Maybe I’ll be able to convert some, who knows.



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