Playing with sweaters

During the holidays, in and between the dinners, TV-shows, games and such, there are some quiet hours to fill with my own kind of fun, my 3D art. Creating some images and practising my texturing skills. I wanted to create something for Dusk, the poor poser-guys are being neglected enough as it is in this female-dominated 3D computer graphic world.

Like with my poses I prefer to create the everyday world, what we would recognize ourselves. There are enough elves, trolls and temple-priestesses out there dressed in miniature outfits slaying dragons, teaming up with guys who are overloaded on testosteron and steroïds to do battle against armies of trolls.
So I took one of Sanbie’s Texture challenges, Dusk Casuals and started to practise on the sweater. And since I’m into “argyle” lately I figured “Why not?”


There will be 6 textures for the sweater to start with, I don’t know if I’ll make any textures for the pants. But who knows……
I’ll get these finished first, I’ll let you know when they get uploaded to my ShareCG.



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