Poses and Textures

My personal wishlist on creating textures is growing, esspecially dynamic clothing. Ever since I started mastering the Clothroom in Poser I had a preference for dynamic clothing. It has some serious advantages and then I’m not just referring to the natural movement of cloth. But also the possibility of using one item of clothing for several characters by just scaling the item.


As Dawn is the latest girl I like to play with, next to Victoria 4, it’s her wardrobe that I like to play around with. And my next project that is being finished is another clothing set by Lully. A lovely elegant dress with a scarf. I really like this kind of clothing,

ScarfFuschia450x450           ScarfFuschiaLace450x450          ScarfFuschiaPattern450x450

Maybe that is why I’m such a fan of Fabiana, the lady-like, gracefull, elegant outfits and jewelry. Something you could actually see someone wear in real life. Working on these texures I did come across something. Poses!

Not just any kind of poses. I figured that elegant clothing called for some elegant poses. You know, when you would browse the fashion magazines of your mum as a little girl. I would see these photographs of women in statuesque kind of poses with their clothing draped around them. The models looked like dolls but it would show the of clothing really well.


And since I couldn’t find any real poses in that style I decided to create those aswell. I figure a set of 10 with mirrored versions to start with would be nice. So the past few days I’ve been searching the web for those vintage style fashion photo’s with movie icons of way back when. That wasn’t really easy but I found a few I could start with, I will see if I can find some more for this set. I will surely be busy for the next couple of weeks since the next set for texturing has allready popped up in my software.



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