Daily Life – Mothers

Daily Life – Mothers – for Victoria 4 & Kids 4

These poses for the daily situations that comes with being a multi-tasking mother. These poses were created to be as realistic and as detailed as possible. For two poses I used some props, a book and a brush, as a reference in order to create the pose. These props are not needed in order to be able to use the pose. You can use any book or hairbrush you like. Then the pose needs to be tweaked and I have left space for that so the pose doesn’t get adjusted to much.

This Product Includes:

  • Default Pose for Victoria4
  • Default Pose for Kids4
  • 8 Full Body Poses for Victoria4
  • 8 Full Body Poses for Kids4

More info on the poses, what you need for them and how to use them please visit the store. A free bonus add-on is also available in my store and you can download the free poses HERE.


This item is no longer available in a store.
If you are interested in this item please contact me by mail



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