A new start in a new place….


I looked it up today, while I was “customizing” this blog. This hobby of mine, 3D ComputerGraphics started in 2006 when I had the courage to upload my first image to an online Gallery of a site. RuntimeDNA to be exact and when I had my first small succes – I won Image of the Week – I got the feeling I could be good at this.

As time went on I started to create my own content. Simple textures for clothing, poses for characters. I upgraded from Poser 6 to Poser 7 and now PoserPro2012. I still make content, for free and for my store and if you would have told me 10 years ago that I would become a vendor in 3D graphics content I would have laughed at you.

It all got started with some Fearie Bearies. For those who don’t know anything about 3D Computer Graphics this is unknown territory but for the experienced Poser-Peeps, Daz-Fans and other inhabitans of this world of magic it may not be so strange. Most of us know Scarebear by Netherworks and from that it’s a small step to the Fearie Bearies by France. I learned alot from France, alot was the practical “How to do…”-stuff in Poser but the most important thing was boosting my own confidence that I actually could do this. And then Pranx came along…… If not for France and Pranx by Elleque & Trumarcar I would have never become a vendor myself. It’s with Pranx I discovered that I seem to have a talent to create poses.

At this time I am a vendor at Hivewire and I like to create poses that are considered ‘niche’ items, for a small market. I don’t really mind since I’m not the person to hop on the latest trend. I create what I’m inspired to create. Wich could be ballroom poses one day and toon poses the next. I can easily do that because I’m financially not depending on this for my income, you see, content-creators don’t become millionaires with this. It’s alot of work that you really have to enjoy.

And so I have grown the past years, outgrowing one so I’m moving to a new Blog for my updates, Art-work, freebies, my works in progress and what’s in my store. Enjoy my blog and show some of your work when using my freebies. Nothing thrills a content-creator more then seeing his or her items being used in a work of art.



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